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When will Baltic Brand Marinades be available in stores in the Chicago area?

DEAK Foods, Inc. is currently in talks with a major national distributor and hope to have Baltic Brand Marinades in stores in the Chicago area by summer of 2017, so I guess the answer is "very soon". If you don't see them in your favorite store, ask the manager to order them. Our website has contact information for store managers. It is http://www.baltic-brand.com/retailers.html.

When will Baltic Brand Marinades be available nation-wide?

Whoa there now, let’s not get ahead of ourselves… one step at a time. We need to get established in the greater Chicago-area first before expanding. We, of course, will make an announcement whenever the time comes.

When will we be able to order on-line?

As soon as we’re able to find a low cost method of shipping. Right now, it costs more to package and ship than the product itself.

Why do you package your marinades in glass? Isn’t that what makes it so heavy to ship?

Yes, plastic bottles would be lighter, but plastic “breathes”, which is not ideal for products such as ours.

You have such wonderful tasting products. When will you have others?

We would like to concentrate on getting the first two items onto grocery store shelves and into people hands before we proceed with others.

How long will Baltic Brand Marinades last after opening?

They should last as long as mayonnaises if refrigerated after opening as the instructions indicate.

I see that you mention “Gifts” on the homepage. What is that all about?

Yes, we are seriously thinking about offering gift baskets containing our products along with other European items. However, as I mentioned before, our greatest predicament at the moment is shipping costs.

Editor Note: The following is a question I am asked from time to time. Many people believe that HFCS is bad for you. Why then do Baltic Brand Marinades contain high fructose corn syrup?

First, don’t panic. Our products contain less than 1% total sugars (common sugar and HFCS) which is why our FDA-approved Nutrition Labels indicate 0%. Secondly, we have tried to eliminate HFCS without success as we cannot seem to retain our great flavors without it, but we’re still working on it. And finally, check out the following links. The information here may clear up the media hype and confusion about HFCS.


The bottom line is that everyone should reduce their intake of ALL types of sugar if we as a nation are to become healthier. With less than 1% total sugars in our products, we’re trying to do our part to help.

I am from Europe and I’ve noticed that a number of products back home are now packaged in pouches. Will you ever change your packaging?

Not in the near future, but we are investigating pourable resealable pouches as an alternative to our current packaging. So, never say never.

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