Premium European-Style Marinades, Cooking Sauces & Veggie Dips

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"Since discovering Baltic Brand European-style marinades I've begun trying them on more and more foods. Although they're designed for chicken or beef, the marinades work well as a sandwich spread, dip, and, of course, marinades!"
--- Rev. Michael J. Carlson

"It was awesome. I used the marinade to marinate my chicken pieces and then I baked it and turned out scrumptious. I would definitely recommend it to anyone."
--- Nina Patel

"I absolutely love this product. I would highly recommend it to anyone who takes the time to marinate their meats. I've tried them all; from Italian dressing to my own concoctions, but this is by far the best I've ever used! 24 hours is good, 48 hours is better. You will never prepare better chicken."
--- Ralph DeGroot

"If you are tired of all the same old Spaghetti, Bar-B-Q and other sauces you are used to cook with since beginning of times, here is something which may be just right for your taste buds just as it was for ours. New Baltic Brand marinade and cooking sauce used with your favorite piece of meat, be it pork, chicken or beef will make you want to taste it over and over again. Try it, then use it to surprise your guests at your next cookout or dinner party. Try it… we liked it."
--- Milada and Paul Veit

"The Baltic Brand Marinade was fantastic. I have told all my friends about it and they are excited to try it."
--- Paul Carbonari

"Your Marinades are incredible!
I am a vegetarian so I use them as a dip for steamed and raw vegetables. They are also great salad dressings... almost like a Caesar's but better! I also like Baltic Brands marinades on twice baked potatoes with cheese. Even french fries! The possibilities are endless because it tastes good on everything! My family loves the chicken marinade for cooking and also as sauce for their fast food fixes. We keep at least 2 jars in our refrigerator at all times ......and we will forever!! Thank you for a truly wonderful product!"
--- Kathryn Larson

"The day I got your marinades my parents had a small party at their house. I put your marinade out as a dipping sauce. Everyone liked it so much we went through half of one of the jars. I usually don't like vinegary stuff but this was really, really good! We we're using celery, carrots, Hawaiian bread, bagel chips and rue pretzels. Very addictive."
--- Sam La Banco Jr.

"When I used Baltic Brand Marinade, it was the first time my grilled chicken turned out moist and flavorful. I usually end up with dry almost burnt chicken but the Baltic Brand made me look like a grilling superstar!"
--- Nancy Munro

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